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Monday, September 10, 2012

Nearshore Executive Alliance

We are very proud to say that Unosquare is one of the founding members of the Nearshore Executive Alliance (NEA). This not for profit organization consists of over 60 companies - both ITO/BPO providers and buyers alike. 

The NEA mission is to help promote "nearshoring" as an alternative, while also addressing best practices, ethical standards, and relationsihp building in the region. 

We have the most senior executives from big companies like Softtek, Neoris, CapGemini, and Ci&T.  We also have CEO's from smaller providers like Common Sense and Unosquare.  Most important, we have buyer executives from companies like Johnson and Johnson, Tripwire, and DirecTV.  We also have academics from Duke University in the US and multinational universities throughout Latin America. 

The NEA's next meeting is coming to Scottsdale, Arizona next month.  October 9th to be exact.  For more information, contact Mike Barrett or visit the Sourcing Interest Group's website for registration information.

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