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Friday, May 13, 2011

Global Delivery Report Features Unosquare

Well, I'm not sure we qualify as a "scrappy startup" anymore... but this article is flattering nontheless. Mentioned in the same story with Dell and the leading edge video game developers is also a plus.  The writer of this story did get the DNA of Guadalajara correct.  It is a city passionate about business and technology and full of new ideas and startups.

At 40+ employees we're getting beyond the startup phase now... but I hope we never lose the entrepreneurial fire that got us all started in this business.  I'd like to have that zeal when we have 400 people.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Unosquare Publishes New Book on Nearshoring

The first book ever written and published on the topic of Nearshoring to Latin America is available now on  Nearshoring to Latin America.  The book was written by Unosquare CEO Mike Barrett along with contributions and feedback from industry thought leaders. 
Chapters include:
  • Who are the Players?
  • Price Comparisons
  • Your Biggest Mistakes in Nearshoring
  • What are the Risks?
Most industry analysts play it too safe and most company white papers are too self serving. This book is different.  Plus, your direct feedback on the book can end up in future editions.  Enjoy!

What readers say about the book

"Mike brings to light all of the issues we need to discuss about Nearshoring with an emphasis on the truth, not the hype. A quick read that demonstrates the amazing advantages of Nearshore as well as discussing where countries like Mexico can continue to improve."
-- Dawn Evans, CEO, Sourcing Interest Group

"The practice of Nearshore outsourcing has matured rapidly in the last few years, but there is still a strong need for reasoned, well-balanced analysis of this fast-evolving marketplace. This book succeeds in summarizing the Nearshore ‘opportunity’ by identifying not just where the value is in this market, but also where to go find it."
-- Kirk Laughlin, Founder, Nearshore Americas

"Mike Barrett’s book on “Nearshoring” was both an informative and enjoyable read. In this time of increased global competitiveness in a slowly recovering economy an executive team must examine every conceivable way to manage cost out of their business without sacrificing time to market objectives around new product development."
-- Mark Reed, President, High Ground Partners, LLC

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